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We are partnered with NCAD to exhibit Art In The Surgery

There is more to health and care than tests and scans.

At Temple Bar Medical Centre we understand that there is more to health and care than tests and scans. We believe the arts in its diversity can be an opportunity for relaxation, contemplation, and wellness. Art can help to guide and maintain the atmosphere of any space as a place of healing and tranquility. We hope to give every patient a comfortable and pleasant visit, and we feel that this can be elevated with the use of art. We have partnered with the National College of Art and Design who have graciously connected TBMC with the emerging artists in Ireland through an educational and practical student project. This will be an ongoing partnership which showcases curated works by 2-3 students every 4 months. We are currently exhibiting curated works titled This Moment, coordinated by Catherine Ward with paintings by herself, Marita O’Hanlon, Sylvia Maher, Falon Weaver and Diarmuid Woodcock.

Some examples of our very first installation in 2019 with Mary Keverick and Sarah Beegan are below.

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