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Contraception and Abortion Services

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Below is a list of our Contraception and Abortion Services

FREE contraception for ages under 36

  • Contraception consultation with the nurse or doctor is FREE from ages 17-35 (up until 36th birthday)

  • All other age groups consultation fee from €70

  • Pill prescription renewal (online or by post) without consultation

    • Aged 17-35 (up until 36th birthday) FREE 

    • All other ages €25


Long acting contraception choices

1. Insertion of IUD (the coil) ​Mirena, Kyleena, Jaydess and Ballerine (non-hormonal) are ​FREE for all women aged 17-35 (up until 36th birthday). All other ages €215

2. Copper T

  • Aged 17-35 (up until 36th birthday) insertion cost is FREE, cost of device €50

  • All other ages €225


3. Removal IUD 

  • Ages 17-35 (up until 36th birthday) FREE 

  • All other ages €75


4. Implanon

  • Insertion and removal FREE for ages 17-35 (up until 36th birthday)

  • Insertion for ages 36+ €150

  • Removal for ages 36+ €175

Abortion, Crisis Pregnancy, MyOptions and all aftercare is FREE

All crisis pregnancy and abortion care in Ireland is free with your valid PPS number. 


Abortion without PPS number - if you are still waiting for your PPS number or you live overseas, you can pay your consultation and medicine costs at the point of care, and we can refund you if you get a valid PPS number to us within 3 months.

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